SCFHS Announces the start of applications for the Saudi Specialty Certificate and Diploma Programs for the year 2022

The Saudi Commission for Health Specialties has announced the start of applications for the Saudi Specialty Certificate and Diploma Programs for the year 2022, through the online differentiation and admission portal "Matching System", for the following specializations: human medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, and applied medical sciences.


These specializations include 26 programs for medicine and surgery, 10 for dentistry, a diploma in clinical pharmacy, 8 for nursing and 7 for applied medical sciences. These programs are distributed among training centers in 25 cities across the Kingdom.


The SCFHS's director of the Media Department and the official spokesperson, Fahd Al-Qathami, explained that the admission portal will be closed on January 23, 2022. After that, the stage of announcing the score begins on February 24, 2022; then, the names of the candidates for personal interviews are going to be announced on March 8, 2022. Personal interviews are scheduled to be held between 13 and 31 of March 2022. The final deadline for applicants to arrange their preferred centers through the online portal, as well as the portal closing date for program managers to prioritize candidates is March 31, 2022.


He added that the last date for the centers official representatives to review the lists of those accepted and enrolled is April 3, 2022, after which the final matching will be conducted electronically, and the results of the accepted candidates will be announced on April 19, 2022.


The Director of the Media Department urged applicants to check the admission schedule, review the application requirements, ensure that they meet all requirements before the due deadlines, and check the admission manual that explains the application processes and points of differentiation and competition for admission.


It is noteworthy that the Saudi Specialty Certificate is the highest in the field of specialization, as one of its requirements is to do the legalized vocational training in the hospitals approved by SCFHS based on the availability of specific requirements for recognition. Training is supervised by specialized supervisory committees of trainers, program managers and the official representatives of academic and training affairs as well as a representative of the trainees in each committee.


To check the schedule of application, acceptance and transfer from one specialization to another for the Saudi Specialization Certificate and Diploma Programs for the year 2022, please click here.