Postgraduate programs are an important tool for drawing a road map to prepare highly qualified and specialized professional cadres to work in the health system to achieve national self-sufficiency.


The steps for establishing new programs include multiple stages:

1.    The compliance of the program with the Saudi Commission for Health Specialties by applying to this service.

  •        Obtaining the recommendation of the Central Training Committee and the scientific councils (or committees) related to the program.


  •     Approval of the program establishment request by the Education and Training Executive Council.

  •     Designing the program’s training curriculum in accordance with the followed procedures.

  •     Developing accreditation standards and programs for training centers that will participate in the training in the future in accordance with the applicable standards.

  •     Training centers shall obtain program accreditation to commence the training program.

  • Inclusion of the program on the registration and application portal of the SCFHS and launching the program in the beginning of the training year.