The differentiation between transfer requests will be made according to the following mechanism:


  1. The weighted  score for the following criteria:
  1. 50% for the Saudi Professional License Exam.
  2. 30% for the bachelor's degree GPA.
  3. 20% for the points of the CV questions for this year (applicants can view the aspects of the CV via the following link (click here)


  1. The trainee has obtained the approval of his/her employer.


  1. The local supervisory committee of the training group will be notified of the specialization transferred from if the transfer request is accepted.


  1. The Scientific Council /Committee of the new specialization may calculate what it deems fit from the previous training period and determine the appropriate level for the trainee to join the program.


  1. The trainee continues to train in his/her original program until the end of the training year, and the obligations and penalties that apply to the rest of the trainees shall apply.


  1. The new program transferred to shall start at the beginning of the training year.


  1. The Department of Admission and Registration shall issue a notice of trainee transfer to the specialization after completing all transfer procedures.