Health association questions and answers

How can I obtain the membership of an association?

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What are the types of memberships?

There are three types of membership of health associations:
Active membership.
Affiliated Membership.
Honorary Membership" Presented to those who support the committee financially or scientifically  "
Student Membership.

What are the conditions for obtaining a working membership?

Active Membership Conditions:
1-The membership applicant must have a scientific qualification related to the association's basic specialty or other health specialties related to its specialty, and must be classified and registered from SCFHS.
2-The applicant must a valid SCFHS classification. 
3- The applicant must be a Saudi national or a resident in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or one of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries.  
4- The applicant must apply to join the association, along with the necessary documents.
5- The applicant must be committed to pay the registration fees and the annual subscriptions decided by the association.
6- The applicant must comply with the procedures issued by the Executive Presidency of SCFHS.
Noting that the active member has the right to vote and elect after paying the registration fees and the annual subscriptions.

Who is entitled to get an associate membership?

Those eligible for Affiliated Membership
1- Anyone who has a health qualification in the specialty of the association and who is not resident in the Kingdom or the GCC countries, or who holds a health qualification in a field other than the specialty of the association whether residing inside or outside the Kingdom.
2- Students of medical and applied medical colleges, health and technical colleges and institutes related to the specialty of the association.
3- Employees interested in the association fields of specialty, who do not meet the conditions for a full membership.

What is an honorary membership?

Honorary Membership:
Granted by a decision of the association’s board of directors, to those who have provided the association with material or moral services or contribute in developing the association's areas of interest inside and outside the Kingdom. An honorary member is exempted from paying registration  and subscriptions fees. The honorary member has the right to attend the General Assembly meetings  and participate in the discussions without having the right to vote.

How can I benefit from membership in my work field?

Some benefits of the active membership:
1- Priority in nomination for the tasks assigned to the association.
2- Discount on the fees of attending seminars and scientific sessions organized by the association.
3- Benefiting from the bulletins and periodicals issued by the association at a discounted price.
4- The right to vote and to run for the Board of Directors according to the SCFHS regulations.

How many associations are under the Commission's umbrella?

67 associations.

What are the requirements for establishing a new association?

To establish a scientific association please visit the link


How to communicate with the Executive Presidency of Health Societies?

The Executive Presidency of Health Associations can be contacted via the e-mail