• Wednesday 18 May 2022
  • 06:24 AM

Professional Registration

​​​​​​Professional Registration​ Requirements for Physicians and Dentists: 

1- Employer Identification letter: 

  • Letter of identification issued by personnel, human resources department or equivalent within the institution​​, and issued within the 3 months preceding the submission of the application. 

  • Letter of identification​ confirms clinical practice in the field of specialization and mentions the professional category and the start date. ​

2- Identity (ID)

  • Saudi Applicants: National ID

  • Non-Saudi applicants: holding an Iqama identity in the Kingdom: a valid Iqama Identity indicating that applicant is permitted to work as a health practitioner (Iqama ID status: “authorized to work”)​ and on the sponsorship of the institution.​

3- Medical report: 

For applicants over 65 years of age.       ​  ​

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